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Ralph Lauren has disclosed what Team USA will wear Ralph Lauren uniform to the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games and they’re the smartest, snazziest-looking uniforms yet.

These look like clothes you could actually wear.The red color was highlighted. The white and blue knit cardigan with patchwork designs of stars and stripes, Olympic rings and the year in 2014. The cardigan is paired with a cream cotton turtleneck sweater, white fleece athletic pants, sporty black leather boots with red laces, a cotton belt accented with jacquard tape featuring patriotic graphics, and a knit cap with the American flag.

These look like clothes you could actually wear. And you can. The cardigan, which retails for $595, is available online, with the entire purchase price donated to the U.S. Olympic Committee. All other Olympic gear is available for sale on the Lauren site or at selected Lauren stores.
One reason for the more accessible look: Since Sochi has a temperate climate, Lauren didn’t have to create such a bulky style. But in case it gets colder, Olympians can throw on a double-breasted navy peacoat emblazoned with the official logo of the U.S. Olympic team and the signature Lauren polo pony.

The uniform is entirely made in the USA, as the designer utilized more than 40 American vendors to create the look. The company generated a whirlwind of controversy in 2012 when it was revealed that part of the London Olympics uniforms were made in China — and apparently learned its lesson.

Now, all of Ralph Lauren are produced in USA. It can protect its original taste of America style. So, Ralph Lauren will never change its American Style, and always create new fashionable shirts. and It is on the toppest of the fashion world. So, the Ralph Lauren goods(Polos, coats, sweaters, pants,jackets, shirts, down coats and so on.) was always to be chased after by people.


Every Season, Ralph Lauren send customers and admirers to an exotic locale — 1920s China, Downton Abbey and the American West have provided inspiration for the iconic designer’s recent collections.No matter what theme for the competition that it takes every season, whether it’s western or African, Everybody know that it’s Ralph Lauren. He just has a look that is his own. It’s remarkable.

On the front row was actress Julianne Moore, who is getting a lot of early Oscar buzz for her role in two movies: Still Alice, where she portrays a college professor dealing with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and Maps to the Stars, where she plays a fading B-list Hollywood actress. She sat with the Lauren family, including the designer’s wife, Ricky, his son, David, and wife, Lauren Bush Lauren.The American West have provided inspiration for the iconic designer’s recent collections.

The chandeliers over the runway for his latest show were covered in beige mosquito netting, offering a hint of what is in store. For spring 2015, Lauren visits Africa, with a glamorous collection for a high-end safari or “glamping” holiday, featuring bright colors mixed in with the traditional olive, sage and tan shades more commonly associated with an outdoor outing.

“No matter what theme that it takes each season, whether it’s western or African, you know it’s Ralph Lauren. He just has a look that is his own.”
Lauren opened with a model in crisp khaki cargo pants and a fluttering sari-like silk top in a deep amethyst shade. The mix of colors permeates the collection as deep greens and khaki colors are accented with bright pieces — jackets and outback trenches in bright lemon, a vest in deep purple and safari jacket in a red/orange “poppy” shade.

The bright colors carry on into evening with tulle evening gowns in the same electric shades of purple, yellow and red — along with some in more muted shades, the closing look is a sweeping sage green taffeta gown. The dresses are colorful yet simple — perfect for accessorizing with big bib necklaces in jewel tones and or glittering crystals.While the African theme is evident, Lauren’s look is never costume-y. Take away the safari hats and the pieces fit nicely into a modern wardrobe. Despite his themes, Lauren’s clothes are always classic and will carry through several seasons.And don’t forget about the accessories — messenger bags in orange calfskin, a black alligator duffel bag, an olive Ricky envelope clutch, python peeptoe platform sandals and olive-and-gold wedges — that carefully accent each look.

Polo Ralph Lauren is not just confined to USA now, it is marking on the worldwide. In the near future, You will find your local style Ralph Lauren clothing. For example, when you are in China, you will find Chinese style clothing. When, you are in Japan, you will find Japanese style Ralph Lauren Clothing. It has a promising future.



The Sub-Brand Of Ralph Lauren Company.

Polo Ralph Lauren is great, as well as its branch companies.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s premium sub-brand Denim & Supply has released the final installment of its Project Warehouse series.

The three-part creative initiative concludes with British illustrator and sculptor Arran Gregory, who has created a range of unique artwork on a denim canvas.

A behind the scenes video, and exclusive-to-FashionBeans images show the Chelsea College of Art & Design graduate transforming a photograph into geometric lines.

It follows on from Denim & Supply’s earlier work with Grammy-nominated DJ Avicii and LA-based portrait artist Alexa Meade.

All three were shot by American photographer Mark for the Denim & Supply AW14 advertising campaign.

To coincide with the final project, Denim & Supply is giving shoppers the chance to win a customized jacket by Gregory. Entrants are being asked to take a full length inspired by the ads before posting with the hash tag project warehouse. The competition closes 9 November.But, this competition expand the influence of the this brand of Polo Ralph Lauren, more and more people know it. So, its products (polo, sweaters, coats,jackets, vests, pants, beach shorts),especially, the jeans are accepted by more people.




I grew up in Phoenix, where seasons don’t so much change as they fade slightly up and down, from hot to a little less hot and back. So unfortunately I didn’t earn the necessary higher education for transitioning your wardrobe to colder climates when faced with a crisp fall day in the Northeast, and when thrown into the snow a few years back, I figured, “Well this light jacket looks good. I guess I’m going to be cold today.”

But recently Jon Patrick, formerly of Ralph Lauren and now J. Hilburn creative director, took pity on my obvious West Coat ignorance and put together looks for the next four weeks that will highlight how me and other men can make the easy transition to winter, what accessories that will keep them warm and styled, wardrobe staples that are perfect for battling the elements, and how to (heavily) layer up and still look good.

This week, it’s all about how to wear corduroy, which Patrick explains “works really well in September and October, and then transitions beautifully from fall right into winter.” His personal choice for this time of year is 11 wale corduroy, which “isn’t too heavy, isn’t too beefy,” so it won’t have you sweltering on the streets should the sun come out for a few hours in the afternoon.

“Camel is a great color for fall,” Patrick adds. “You’re seeing it in jackets and suiting and for overcoats. Camelhair coats are kind of making a comeback, too.” You can wear the above three-piece camel suit as separates with a strong tartan dress shirt during a normal day at the office. And then, depending on the level of formality you’re aiming for that night, toss on the vest and match it with a denim tie for a great look for fall.

If you want to dress it up, Patrick suggests adding only a few casual pops of accessories: “You don’t want too much going on, so just a classic, clean white pocket square, and a lapel flower that picks up on the whole color scheme, but doesn’t look too matchy-match, or like you’re trying too hard.” Which is a good rule no matter what you wear this winter.

To conclude, white, grey and black are joker. When you dress the darker clothes, you need put the bright clothes to highlight it, Then, make your shape be more dimensional.

Many companies have had enough of all those Chuck Taylor bootlegs. The shoe company has sued 31 companies, including Ralph Lauren and Walmart, for making knock offs of its iconic sneaker, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.
Reports Raw Story:
On Tuesday, the Nike subsidiary filed lawsuits against 31 companies for breach of trademark. Among the defendants are Wal-Mart, Ralph Lauren Corporation and Tory Burch.
Of the 31 companies, four are based in China, two in Canada, one in Australia, one in Italy and one in Japan.
Converse is also demanding that the International Trade Commission ban imports, distribution, sale and use of imitation Converse footwear in the United States.
“We welcome fair competition, but we do not believe companies have a right to copy the Chuck’s trademarked look,” said Jim Calhoun, president and CEO of Converse Inc.
The Chuck made its debut on U.S. basketball courts in 1917 and since then, Converse says it has sold one billion pairs of the shoe worldwide that bear the Asserted Trademark.
Considering the Chuck Taylor silhouette is plainly seen in numerous shoes that aren’t Converse, we’d say the company has a strong case. The struggle kicks seen below from Ralph Lauren “Denim & Supply” line are one such example.

Always go with the original, folks.

So, The Ralph Lauren has a stable position in clothing industry. People will always support for it. Now, Every one know the products(polo, sweaters, coats,jackets, vests, pants, beach shorts) of Ralph Lauren, Of course, people also know the designer.







The fashion brand embraces cutting-edge technology with its new polo shirt, developed to combine sporting prowess with style.

The traditional, collegiate connotations of Polo Ralph Lauren preppy attire, gentlemanly sporting pursuits at Ivy League institutions and polite rounds of tennis in the Hamptons – are set for a serious injection of 21st century tech wizardry this week thanks to new venture. The brand’s iconic polo shirt – a menswear staple from Connecticut to Clapham – gets a bold reworking to coincide with the US open tennis championships, which kicked off yesterday in Flushing, New York. As the official outfitter of the event, the brand have worked with Canada-based tech innovation company OM signal to develop the “Polo Tech shirt”, a reinvention of the standard style with some seriously impressive digital clout behind it.
And what digital deftness it is. Each second-skin shirt – emblazoned with a yellow polo logo – comes in black nylon that, beneath its layers, is working furiously to chart the athleticism of the wearer. The specially developed compression fabric is designed to stimulate blood flow and aid muscle recover, while underneath conductive threads are woven into the material. Making contact with the skin, they then gather biometric information, charting heart rate, energy level, breathing rate and intensity. A lightweight device (or”module”)  attached to the rib cage area of the shirt will relay real time information to a Bluetooth-connected iPhone:  this  is cyborg style for a new era. While no players will wear it during the actual tournament, the shirt will be outfitted on No.1 singles player Marcos Giron during practice, and on a select number of ball boys, which means real time information on how they’re faring physically will be available throughout.  Your polo shirt keeping track of you? It’s the next stage of pioneering sartorial science.

Now, the new tech shirts are on the way. Our mind will be changed. The polo shirts won’t be traditional shirts again. It can track your heart rate, breathing, and stress levels. It can test your health. So, it is revolutionary design and it will improve the popularity of the Polo Ralph Lauren company. The other products of Ralph Lauren will be more popular. Such as shirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, shoes, socks, hats, glasses, windbreakers and so on.

Ralph Lauren didn’t stop at multi-billion dollar for his clothing kingdom, fragrance line and home furnishings range and he is a king of retail stores. Now, he will add coffee business to his CV. He is a creative designer. He made sure that thirsty shoppers needn’t stray far for their caffeine fix by opening Ralph’s Coffee on the second floor of his vast new Polo flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Fitted out in classic American style with white weathered bead-board walls, mosaic-tiled floors and seating for up to 22 customers, Ralph’s Coffee bar serves private coffee blends made with organically-grown beans from Central and South America and Africa, along with a selection of snacks and sweet treats. It also offers mugs, caps and t-shirts emblazoned with the distinctive green and white logo for Lauren-obsessed souvenir hunters.

“The smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes so many memories for me,” says Lauren, “mostly of time spent with friends and family, the people I love.” As such he wants the café to become “a place where people can come together and take a break from their busy days”.

It’s not the designer’s first foray into catering however; his Chicago and Paris stores both boast restaurants, and in November the designer will open a third: The Polo Bar on East 55th Street, adjacent to the Polo flagship. Inspired by classic American pubs with an equestrian-style twist, The Polo Bar will comprise a 150-cover dining room, two brass-topped bars and a private dining space for up to 16.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s polo, sweaters, coats,jackets, vests, pants, beach shorts … are very popular, now, the coffees are becoming one hot product of Ralph Lauren company too…



An event was finished, another big event is starting.


The U.S. team coxswain Jack Carlson want to run for mayor.
The University of Oxford doctoral student, was taking notes of his new book “Rowing Blazers,” and he was desirable for the book. Carlson need people to to praise him or run for office or both.Everyone encourage him to be a mayor.

People at the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship on Fifth Avenue, which was usual place but everywhere there were Pimms cups, mini lobster rolls, a live jazz band and charity — fifteen percent of costume sales for the evening were to bring great advantages for the Row New York, a charity for youth.

Carlson’s book showcases the traditions around the team blazers worn by various elite rowing clubs worldwide. His own navy jacket was appropriately festooned with various pins and medals.

At the meantime, The place (Polo Ralph Lauren flagship)where held this event spent much money to support this event. So, this flagship has become unusual and special place. People like go shopping there to buy the shirts, polos, coats, sweaters, accessories and so on, especially, young people.

This Polo Ralph Lauren store is such a futuristic, sleek spaceship. But Armani’s store down the street.In not predictable and not wholly harmonious sync with Flea market, Ralph Lauren prefers a ordinary patina as usual.

The models are on a leather sofa;The the store play the music “Tumbling Dice” over the loudspeakers; it let people feel happy. and it’s under the cellophane wrapper of an old copy of “Green Hills of Africa” by Ernest Hemingway stacked casually by the communal table.

Hemingway’s drinking buddy is around the corner. The corner is flowered garden-party. and the frocks and tweed tailcoats is a reminder that Mr.Ralph Lauren can also get the credit. About the garment designer seems a little bitter. It look likes in the movie version of “The Great Gatsby” 40 years ago.

So, the display of Ralph Lauren is very outstanding. It attracts many people’s eyes. So the products(Polos, shirts,sweater, coats,jackets, hoodies, pants,shoes,scarfs,perfume,watches and so on for men, women and children. ) are very popular. People are proud of wearing them.